• Vision Meets Mapping

    Computer Vision for Location-based Reasoning and Mapping

    CVPR 2019

Introduction and Topics

We live in a world where location is the key for many activities, and computer vision plays a key role for answering the fundamental questions for location-based reasoning and mapping: (1) Where am I? (2) Where i am going? (3) How do i get there? The future world, not too far from our real life, would be full of autonomous robotics and AI agents: autonomous vehicles, autonomous taxis, autonomous delivery vans, autonomous drones, autonomous robotics etc. and location-based reasoning, especially mapping, has drawn a lot of attention from the computer vision community recently, both academia and industry.
This tutorial session brings together people from around the world who are practicing computer vision research for mapping/location- based reasoning in both industry and academia, and would cover the following topics of interests (including but not limited to):

Vision-based Map Making

Vision-based High Definition Map Creation

Crowd Sourced-vision-based Map Creation

Semantic Map

Structure Map

Semantic Map vs. Structure Map

Vision-based Localization

Lidar-based Localization

Multi-sensor-based Localization

2D/3D Scene Understanding and Location-based Reasoning

2D/3D Visual Landmark Detection

Location and Time

Time: June 16 (Sunday) 1:00pm - 5:30pm

Location: Seaside 6, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, USA

Address: 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802


Xiang(Sean) Ma


Invited Speakers

Xin Chen

Director of Engineering, HERE Technologies Adjunct Professor, Northwestern Univ. and IIT

Xin Chen

Director of Engineering, HERE Technologies

Raquel Urtason

Professor, University of Toronto Head, Uber ATG Toronto

Raquel Urtason

Professor at Univ. of Toronto and Head at Uber ATG Toronto

Xiaofeng Ren

Chief Scientist, Amap (AutoNavi) and Alibaba

Xiaofeng Ren

Chief Scientist, Amap (AutoNavi) and Alibaba

Ben Kadlec

Engineering Manager, Uber ATG Boulder

Ben Kadlec

Engineering Manager, Mapping at Uber ATG Boulder

Peter Kontschieder

Director of Research, Mapillary

Peter Kontschieder

Director of Research, Mappillary


Time: Sunday June 16, 1:00pm - 5:30pm PST
Time Event
1:00pm - 1:05pm Welcome and introduction: Xiang(Sean) Ma, Amazon - Topic: Introduction to Vision Meets Mapping (VMM) Tutorial (click to download)
1:05pm - 1:50pm Invited Talk: Raquel Urtason, Univ. of Toronto & Uber ATG Toronto - Topic: Mapping for autonomous driving
1:50pm - 2:35pm Invited Talk: Xiaofeng Ren, Amap (Autonavi) & Alibaba - Topic: Mapping and Navigating in a Hectic World (click to download)
2:35pm - 3:15pm Invited Talk: Xin Chen, HERE Technologies - Topic: HD Live Map for Automated Driving: Camera Meets LIDAR
3:15pm - 3:35pm Break
3:35pm - 4:15pm Invited Talk: Ben Kadlec, Uber ATG Boulder - Topic: Computer Vision for HD Map Safety
4:15pm - 5:00pm Invited Talk: Peter Kontschieder, Mapillary - Topic: Recognition for Mapping on a Global Scale using Deep Learning and Computer Vision (click to download)
5:00pm - 5:30pm Panel Discussions and Conclusion

Presentation Slides and Videos

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Dr. Xiaofeng Ren
Dr. Peter Kontschieder
Dr. Xin Chen
Dr. Ben Kadlec